When is peaky blinders back on our screens?

Season 4 of one of the best TV shows ever made (yes..Peaky Blinders!) ended in an epic back stabbing from the much loved Alfie Solomons when he sold out Thomas Shelby to the Italian Mafia. The last episode of Season 4 ended with Alfie waiting patiently for Thomas to show up and have a bit of a showdown. It ended with the shooting of Alfie through the cheek and there is much debate online as to whether he has died or if he could survive it. With many people thinking that Alfie is the best character in the series thanks to another epic performance from Tom Hardy there is much hope for him to survive.

Filming of season 5 started in late 2018 and it is hoped that it will be back on our screens by late 2019. Season 4 saw a big shake up in the regular cast with several key members of the gang being shot and killed and other new cast members such as Aiden Gillans character Aberama Gold coming into the mix. It is certainly the most exciting wait for a Peaky Blinders season yet and we can’t wait for it to come! Let us know if you think Alfie survived in the comments!

Why is the Xiaomi M365 the most popular electric scooter on the market?

Electric scooters have come out of nowhere and have taken over the streets of many cities around the world. Many European cities have been overrun with electric scooters and there has been very little planning gone into how they should be policed but that is a matter for another post.

The Xiaomi M365 scooter was the first major electric scooter to become popular and it led the way for many companies to copy the blue print. As prices came down for this and other similar electric scooters they became more popular as well as being more socially acceptable. When they were first released they were not really considered “cool” but now they are just another part of our lives along with other advancing technologies. You can now get the Xiaomi M365 scooter from escooterireland.ie for just €479.00 which is considerably cheaper than it was a year ago from the same company admitting that they used to be retailing at €599.00.

xiaomi m365 scooter

There are now many companies trying to get on the bandwagon of the electric scooter market but there are still only a handful of good scooters on the market. No western company has really grabbed the market by the horns and it is mostly populated by companies in China who are quick to jump on any trends.

It is hard got western companies to compete with the Chinese manufacturers as the cost of making goods is so much higher. There are some companies having a go like Seat but they are entering the market at a much higher price range. There only hope of competing is to offer extended warranties, quality and better customer service.

For now if you are looking for an electric scooter that is a reasonable price, good quality and has a great spec then the Xiaomi M365 is still leading the way and it looks like it is going to stay like that for quite some time.

Season 5 Of Peaky Blinders Hits Our Screens

Finally the new release of peaky blinders is here and it is fully of surprises. Although not as action packed as season 3 and 4 which were pretty violent season 5 is more a game of mental gymnastics between rivals. Fan favorite Alfie Solomons also makes a return after much speculation as to whether he was alive or dead after being shot in the face at the end of season 5.

Tom hardy again steals the show with his performance and even though he is only in the season for all of 5 minutes he completely blows everyone away yet again. His terrifying character is quite humorous on screen although I dare see he would be vicious and terrifying in real life. We are interested to hear your thoughts on the new series below guys!

Are adult electric scooters here to stay in the UK?

All you need to know About the Electric Scooters in the UK

An electric scooter is the best way of saving money, and they are also eco-friendly. They are lightweight and can cover a distance up to 20 km with a single charge. You can easily go anywhere and can carry it on the buses and trains without getting any sweat and problems.

In the UK, a new law is formed which take fine from that person who is using an electric scooter in the public, and if they deny paying the fine, then their vehicle will be seized.

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

It may seem extreme, but it is the law of the UK for banning electric scooter. It is based on the act of 1961, which is all about the rules of road traffic. The scooter is similar to other transport vehicles, and these are viewed as the mechanically propelled, which means that if you are using the electric scooter, then you must have a driving license, tax, and insurance. If you don’t have these, then you have to give fine to the police.

The legal requirement of having the e-scooter is way more difficult to achieve. Most of the people are facing problems in paying taxes and having the proper insurance of the vehicle. So they try to move around the city without having any license and insurance. This is the main reason behind the electric scooter to be banned in the UK.

The second reason is that the industry in Europe has gained more than 150 million of investment from the citizen to issue the electric scooter and if they provide the entire scooter in the market then it will raise an issue for the security of the citizen of the country.

These two reasons state that adult electric scooters are not legal in the UK.

What You Need To Look Before getting a Refurbished iPhone?

So this post is a bit different today as we are going to take a look at refurbished iPhones. Why are we doing this? Well occasionally we will take a look at different products we think are cool and this is one of them! For more movie news please visit our homepage.

Refurbished iPhones are the one in which all parts of it are reassembled. Apple company is giving a chance to its customer to buy the assembled phone directly from the Apple stores or online.

These iPhones come with a lot of benefits such as low rates, excellent condition, and many more. There are many things you need to look in an iphone before purchasing it. Let us discuss some of them below.

refurbished iphone
  • Battery life in good condition

Before buying a refurbished iphone, you need to ask the seller whether it comes with the new battery or the old one. As the battery life of the iPhone gets weaken after using for some time and furthermore, you need to ask how many hours of usage the battery drained after a full charge. Some sellers selling refurbished iPhones in Ireland have the option to add a brand new battery to the phone before shipping for an extra cost.

  • Physical damage on screen

As the iphone comes with the thick glasses screens, but you need to check for any physical damage. If there is some minor of the scratches, then it is not a big deal, and you also have to check the touch display. While checking the touch display always remembers to go through the built-in touch display screen test and also check the speed of the touch responses.

  • Range of memory capacity

Refurbished iPhones come with many different options for the size such as 32GB, 64GB, and many others. You can also choose from the various range of RAM supporting 4GB, 6GB options for the phone.

  • Stores

You can quickly but the iphone form their original stores, and moreover, you will find an IMEI option for it.

These all are the best key feature that you need to look before buying a refurbished iphone, and it will be the best option as they come with low rates and meet all your expectations.

android tv box

Is the Android TV Box the end of live TV?

So we have recently discussed where the future of Television is going and with the introduction of streaming boxes like the Apple TV box, Android TV Box, Firestick and a huge range of other options it seems that very few people watch “live” TV anymore. Live TV suppliers such as Foxtel, Sky and other TV giants have been slow to keep up with the ever advancing technologies.

The Android TV Box took the world by storm several years ago and was the first of it’s kind to really challenge traditional TV. This combined with on demand TV apps made on demand TV more attractive than ever. Before the introduction of the android box you if you wanted to watch a movie online you had to hook up your laptop to the TV via a HDMI cable.

Now you can access “internet TV” using an android TV box and they have become so affordable over the last 3 – 4 years. You can now get an android TV box from androidtvboxes.ie for under €100 and have access to thousands of channels, movies and TV on demand as well as essentially any android app available. You can use it for music, Youtube and a range of other things and even use apps like Facebook on your TV!

Companies like Sky are now not only losing subscribers for their TV service but they also have to battle with illegal streams. Luckily these streams are becoming more scarce as it is highly illegal and we in noway recommend for anyone to use these streams. If you want to watch a TV channels service then pay for it, it’s as simple as that. When the TV companies catch up to the world of apps then maybe they will come up with a better system that will make it more attractive for people to watch their channels legally such as a pay per view system. We hope this happens or they find a way to make it attractive for people to watch their channels but they need to do something or devices like the Android TV box will be the end of them!

Back To The Future – The Classic Movie That Inspired Hoverboards

When we think of back to the future we think of nostalgia, a mad scientist, futuristic cars and of course hoverboards. Very few films have impacted society as much as back to the future and it is amazing we have not had a reboot of the series in this age of reboots that has seen films like Ghostbusters which had an all female cast and was considered a flop. Other classics that have been destroyed are Blade Runners and Robocop.

Now that we mention it do we really want another classic ruined? Terminator was another one that was also dragged through the mud. But back to the future is special for a lot of the 90s kids generation. Hoverboards in particular were first mentioned in this movie and now you have a popular product called the hoverboard that in fact does not hover!

Part of the greatness of such classic films were the actors of the time who really made the characters come to life. Of course we have good actors now such as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy to name a few but something is just not the same. James Bond is a franchise that has survived not only the test of time but multiple actors over a period of 40 years. This is quite incredible to think that people back in the 1960s were enjoying a franchise that we still enjoy today.

No doubt the big wigs in Hollywood have discuss a back to the future remake as I am sure it would be a guaranteed money maker which is all they really care about these days. Sadly the art of making a movie is not as it was and big companies are now focused on making great trailers that explain the movie in full making there no need to actually go and see it but that is a post for another day! That said if there was a remake I would go to it as many people would out of curiosity more than anything. Until then I might fire up the original back to the future series this weekend.

Gold Coast Film Festival Introduce Electric Scooters

Gold coast film festival is introducing a new electric scooter riding scheme which will allow festival goers to rent scooters and get around the event for the day. Electric scooters are been legalized in Queensland to allow scooters that do not exceed a max speed of 25km/h. This news was introduced a week after the announcement and the film festival were one of the first major events in the region to jump on the bandwagon.

If riders of the new electric scooter scheme that is run by Ride do not return the scooters then they have suspension from the program all together. Active GPS technology is used and the electric scooters will not work after 10pm to ensure that the scooters are returned on time to their docking stations to be fully charged for the next day.

The Ride app can be downloaded at www.rideapp.co and you can see what electric scooters are available in what locations. Anyone can sign up and rent the scooter and business owners can even get the app and they’re employees can use the app on the business owners account.

Similar schemes are being looked at here in Ireland for the electric scooter rental and www.escooterstore.ie are looking to introduce a scheme but need to wait and see how they will be governed. Most electric scooters are under the 25km/h limit to if similar laws are introduced in Ireland as to Queensland then most scooters on the market should be OK to use.

These electric scooters are seen as a futuristic and cool way to travel. With private festivals like the Gold Coast bringing them in it looks good for the future of electric scooters. We will be back in the next few days to bring you more movie reviews and news of upcoming films from around the globe!

What to look for in an android TV box in 2019?


The android TV box burst onto the scene in late 2014 and they now almost every house has one. In recent years it has had many rivals including Apple TV which is of course Apples answer to the android streaming device. It also has rivals from giants like Amazon who released their Fire stick in 2015 with much success. However just because it is called Amazon Fire stick it is essentially just another android device that Amazon put their branding on and take the credit for.

Along with the above are probably about 50 other choices of android TV box from brands like Nvidia, Mbox, OTT and range of other manufacturers. Again these all run on various versions of android so are not as different as they would like you to think!

What are the differences between these TV boxes?

There are a few other important things to look for when shopping for an android TV box. The first thing to look for is what version of android is it running. The latest version as we write this post is android 9.0. Now we are not saying to always go for latest version as a lot of the time the new release versions of android have issues so it is better to let these get sorted first. We would usually recommend going for the second newest version so at the moment an android 8.1 TV box would be a good call.

Another thing to look for is the manufacturer. OTT are one of the leading manufacturers of the android TV box and they have a good reputation. Any of their TV boxes running on Android 8.1 would be worth a look. Other things to look at are of course the price! Never go too cheap on your TV box as it will more than likely lead to problems. Instead go for at least a mid range TV box and something that has enough processing power to run smoothly. There is really no need to go for a top of the range model unless you are looking for something specific like gaming.

Really it is down to your budget as essentially all the TV boxes run the same apps. So make sure it is running a reasonably recent version of android and don’t go too cheap and you are fine. What people often forget and what my friend from www.androidtvboxes.ie alway tells us is that it is the apps and not the android TV box that has the content. The box is merely the hardware and it is the app that plays films or music or video like Youtube for example. So keep this in mind when shopping for an android TV box.

electric scooters

What is the best electric scooter for commuting in Ireland?

Electric scooters have being hitting cities around the world by storm! It is similar to the hoverboard craze that came out of nowhere a few years ago only this time the electric scooters are for adults and they are actually quite practical. Many people who used to bike to work are now starting to use these electric scooters as you can get into work just as quick and without being drenched in sweat by the time you get into the office!

There is not a huge range of electric scooters available yet but we have had a look at the best options available in Ireland for commuting to work. It seems the main supplier here in Ireland for electric scooters is the it-directory.ie and they have 2 main scooters on their website it-directory.ie electric scooter store.The main features to look for are of course distance, speed and how quickly they can be charged.

Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter:

electric scooter

Looking at the reviews online it seems the Gotrax GXL electric scooter is leading the way and is being sold at €425.00 which is surprisingly affordable. It has a range of 25kms and a max speed also of 25kms. This is perfect go getting in and out of town and it is a folding scooter so you can fold it up and bring it into the office with when you get there. The one con of this scooter is that is seems a bit heavier than it’s competition so that is something to bare in mind but it is also quite a bit cheaper.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter:

Next on their list is the M365 scooter. This seems to be the most popular all of the web but it is over €100 more costly than the Gotrax GXL and it has a similar range and speed. The main difference is that it has an app and it weights about 2kg less. This can also folded when not in use.

As you can see there is not much in them and the Gotrax GXL seems better value. There are other options on the market but these are the 2 most sought after and the other ones have a similar spec and are roughly the same price.