Gold Coast Film Festival Introduce Electric Scooters

Gold coast film festival is introducing a new electric scooter riding scheme which will allow festival goers to rent scooters and get around the event for the day. Electric scooters are been legalized in Queensland to allow scooters that do not exceed a max speed of 25km/h. This news was introduced a week after the announcement and the film festival were one of the first major events in the region to jump on the bandwagon.

If riders of the new electric scooter scheme that is run by Ride do not return the scooters then they have suspension from the program all together. Active GPS technology is used and the electric scooters will not work after 10pm to ensure that the scooters are returned on time to their docking stations to be fully charged for the next day.

The Ride app can be downloaded at and you can see what electric scooters are available in what locations. Anyone can sign up and rent the scooter and business owners can even get the app and they’re employees can use the app on the business owners account.

Similar schemes are being looked at here in Ireland for the electric scooter rental and are looking to introduce a scheme but need to wait and see how they will be governed. Most electric scooters are under the 25km/h limit to if similar laws are introduced in Ireland as to Queensland then most scooters on the market should be OK to use.

These electric scooters are seen as a futuristic and cool way to travel. With private festivals like the Gold Coast bringing them in it looks good for the future of electric scooters. We will be back in the next few days to bring you more movie reviews and news of upcoming films from around the globe!