android tv box

Is the Android TV Box the end of live TV?

So we have recently discussed where the future of Television is going and with the introduction of streaming boxes like the Apple TV box, Android TV Box, Firestick and a huge range of other options it seems that very few people watch “live” TV anymore. Live TV suppliers such as Foxtel, Sky and other TV giants have been slow to keep up with the ever advancing technologies.

The Android TV Box took the world by storm several years ago and was the first of it’s kind to really challenge traditional TV. This combined with on demand TV apps made on demand TV more attractive than ever. Before the introduction of the android box you if you wanted to watch a movie online you had to hook up your laptop to the TV via a HDMI cable.

Now you can access “internet TV” using an android TV box and they have become so affordable over the last 3 – 4 years. You can now get an android TV box from for under €100 and have access to thousands of channels, movies and TV on demand as well as essentially any android app available. You can use it for music, Youtube and a range of other things and even use apps like Facebook on your TV!

Companies like Sky are now not only losing subscribers for their TV service but they also have to battle with illegal streams. Luckily these streams are becoming more scarce as it is highly illegal and we in noway recommend for anyone to use these streams. If you want to watch a TV channels service then pay for it, it’s as simple as that. When the TV companies catch up to the world of apps then maybe they will come up with a better system that will make it more attractive for people to watch their channels legally such as a pay per view system. We hope this happens or they find a way to make it attractive for people to watch their channels but they need to do something or devices like the Android TV box will be the end of them!