What to look for in an android TV box in 2019?


The android TV box burst onto the scene in late 2014 and they now almost every house has one. In recent years it has had many rivals including Apple TV which is of course Apples answer to the android streaming device. It also has rivals from giants like Amazon who released their Fire stick in 2015 with much success. However just because it is called Amazon Fire stick it is essentially just another android device that Amazon put their branding on and take the credit for.

Along with the above are probably about 50 other choices of android TV box from brands like Nvidia, Mbox, OTT and range of other manufacturers. Again these all run on various versions of android so are not as different as they would like you to think!

What are the differences between these TV boxes?

There are a few other important things to look for when shopping for an android TV box. The first thing to look for is what version of android is it running. The latest version as we write this post is android 9.0. Now we are not saying to always go for latest version as a lot of the time the new release versions of android have issues so it is better to let these get sorted first. We would usually recommend going for the second newest version so at the moment an android 8.1 TV box would be a good call.

Another thing to look for is the manufacturer. OTT are one of the leading manufacturers of the android TV box and they have a good reputation. Any of their TV boxes running on Android 8.1 would be worth a look. Other things to look at are of course the price! Never go too cheap on your TV box as it will more than likely lead to problems. Instead go for at least a mid range TV box and something that has enough processing power to run smoothly. There is really no need to go for a top of the range model unless you are looking for something specific like gaming.

Really it is down to your budget as essentially all the TV boxes run the same apps. So make sure it is running a reasonably recent version of android and don’t go too cheap and you are fine. What people often forget and what my friend from www.androidtvboxes.ie alway tells us is that it is the apps and not the android TV box that has the content. The box is merely the hardware and it is the app that plays films or music or video like Youtube for example. So keep this in mind when shopping for an android TV box.