Why is the Xiaomi M365 the most popular electric scooter on the market?

Electric scooters have come out of nowhere and have taken over the streets of many cities around the world. Many European cities have been overrun with electric scooters and there has been very little planning gone into how they should be policed but that is a matter for another post.

The Xiaomi M365 scooter was the first major electric scooter to become popular and it led the way for many companies to copy the blue print. As prices came down for this and other similar electric scooters they became more popular as well as being more socially acceptable. When they were first released they were not really considered “cool” but now they are just another part of our lives along with other advancing technologies. You can now get the Xiaomi M365 scooter from escooterireland.ie for just €479.00 which is considerably cheaper than it was a year ago from the same company admitting that they used to be retailing at €599.00.

xiaomi m365 scooter

There are now many companies trying to get on the bandwagon of the electric scooter market but there are still only a handful of good scooters on the market. No western company has really grabbed the market by the horns and it is mostly populated by companies in China who are quick to jump on any trends.

It is hard got western companies to compete with the Chinese manufacturers as the cost of making goods is so much higher. There are some companies having a go like Seat but they are entering the market at a much higher price range. There only hope of competing is to offer extended warranties, quality and better customer service.

For now if you are looking for an electric scooter that is a reasonable price, good quality and has a great spec then the Xiaomi M365 is still leading the way and it looks like it is going to stay like that for quite some time.