Back To The Future – The Classic Movie That Inspired Hoverboards

When we think of back to the future we think of nostalgia, a mad scientist, futuristic cars and of course hoverboards. Very few films have impacted society as much as back to the future and it is amazing we have not had a reboot of the series in this age of reboots that has seen films like Ghostbusters which had an all female cast and was considered a flop. Other classics that have been destroyed are Blade Runners and Robocop.

Now that we mention it do we really want another classic ruined? Terminator was another one that was also dragged through the mud. But back to the future is special for a lot of the 90s kids generation. Hoverboards in particular were first mentioned in this movie and now you have a popular product called the hoverboard that in fact does not hover!

Part of the greatness of such classic films were the actors of the time who really made the characters come to life. Of course we have good actors now such as Christian Bale and Tom Hardy to name a few but something is just not the same. James Bond is a franchise that has survived not only the test of time but multiple actors over a period of 40 years. This is quite incredible to think that people back in the 1960s were enjoying a franchise that we still enjoy today.

No doubt the big wigs in Hollywood have discuss a back to the future remake as I am sure it would be a guaranteed money maker which is all they really care about these days. Sadly the art of making a movie is not as it was and big companies are now focused on making great trailers that explain the movie in full making there no need to actually go and see it but that is a post for another day! That said if there was a remake I would go to it as many people would out of curiosity more than anything. Until then I might fire up the original back to the future series this weekend.