Create the ultimate home cinema setup with a gaming chair

With Cinemas closed for the foreseeable and lockdown 2.0 already here in Ireland and looming in the UK many people are forced to entertain themselves at home once again. The main difference between this lockdown and the last one is that it is now winter and people are mostly stuck indoors. This leads to being stuck in your home ordering take always and watching movies or TV shows on one of the many apps like Amazon prime, Apple TV+ etc.

Many people are now investing in their home cinema setups and investing in things like quality projectors that can project directly from your phone and surround sound 5.1 speakers. All these things are a great addition to your home cinema setup. Another popular item this year which also ties into the work from home trend that lockdown has caused is the gaming chairs. Essentially these are cool looking office chairs that look like racing chairs that you would see in a sports car.

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These are super comfortable as well as looking the part and now that people are having to invest in a work from home setup they are becoming very popular. There is a huge range of gaming chair Ireland suppliers to choose from and depending on your budget you can get some really high quality products. By investing in a comfortable gaming chair from housetech., surround sound and projectors you can really transform your home TV entertainment.

Unfortunately these lockdowns could be the death of large Cinema chains which would be a shame but it is hard to see how they can come back from this. With many streaming apps coming along each year there is a lot of competition in this sector. Who knows how long we will have to entertain ourselves at home so investing in this setup could be a good call in the long run and get us through the hard winter months ahead.