When is peaky blinders back on our screens?

Season 4 of one of the best TV shows ever made (yes..Peaky Blinders!) ended in an epic back stabbing from the much loved Alfie Solomons when he sold out Thomas Shelby to the Italian Mafia. The last episode of Season 4 ended with Alfie waiting patiently for Thomas to show up and have a bit of a showdown. It ended with the shooting of Alfie through the cheek and there is much debate online as to whether he has died or if he could survive it. With many people thinking that Alfie is the best character in the series thanks to another epic performance from Tom Hardy there is much hope for him to survive.

Filming of season 5 started in late 2018 and it is hoped that it will be back on our screens by late 2019. Season 4 saw a big shake up in the regular cast with several key members of the gang being shot and killed and other new cast members such as Aiden Gillans character Aberama Gold coming into the mix. It is certainly the most exciting wait for a Peaky Blinders season yet and we can’t wait for it to come! Let us know if you think Alfie survived in the comments!